In this section I show you the Quadcopters I have built

You can choose between the following four Quadcopters. Two use the WiiCopter DIY Board and you can also find informations about that on these builts, or the ones that use the KK-Boards you can buy ready to fly / assamble on the internet. Since I tried both of them I can say that the WiiCopter Board offers you a large variety of settings, while the KK-Boards usually work right out of the box. This is why I choose the KK-Boards over the Wii ones. 

Still, if you are into electronics and have fun messing around with the controls, I would recommend choosing the Wii-Boards. 


This was my first quadcopter built using the cheap Wii-Board. I caught some experience as well as defeats which helped me with later built decisions.


Mein erster Quadcopter mit einer einfachen und günstigen Wii-Board Steuerung. Hier habe ich erste Erfahrungen gesammelt und einige Rückschläge erlitten.

WiiCopter 2.0

This was the second built in which I did also use the Wii-Board in an updated version as well as extra hardware for stabilization. I tried focussing on the hardware this time; Still, I made some mistakes.


Dies war mein zweiter Bauversuch. Diesmal versuchte ich mich mehr auf die Hardware zu konzentrieren und neben der Wii-Board Steuerung setzte ich zusätzliche Elemente zur Stabilisierung ein. Trotzdem machte ich noch einige Fehler.

HK Quadcopter (KK)

This was my third Quadcopter, but the first using a totally different software/board. I switched from the arduino/Wii platform to the mircocopter/KK-Board.


Mein dritter Quadcopter; diesmal Stand ein Systemwechsel, weg vom Arduino/Wii System, hin zum Microkopter/KK-Board. Ich wollte mich nicht um die Steuerung sorgen sondern FPV fliegen. 

Flyduino-HK Quad

This is my latest Quadcopter, which is a result of all the experience I gathered building and flying the three predecessors. So far my best Quadcopter.


Dies ist mein letzter Quadcopter, welcher ein Produkt der gesammelten Erfahrung aus den vorangegangenen Zusammenstellungen ist. Soweit mein wahrscheinlich bester Copter.